Buffalo Soldiers Clothing Line is in remembrance of African Americans, who, by law, were not permitted to serve in the Regular U.S. Peacetime Army until 28 July 1866. 
Congress then authorized the formation of six black regiments--four infantry and two cavalry.  Prior to that time, they were permitted to serve only in the state militias.
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Our casual wear clothing line is influenced by the incredible history
of Blacks' contribution to this society. Our t-shirts are made with
100% cotton. This t-shirts are timeless. Show off your knowledge of
Black History with these beautiful tshirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants
and stylish satin baseball jackets.

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By Brenna Farrell- The Buffalo Soldiers were formed in 1866 following the end of the Civil War. These six regiments were made up of Black soldiers, many of whom had fought in the Civil War
and wanted to continue as freedman in the Army. It offered good pay ($16/month) and steady work, things not easy for freed Blacks to find in 1866. The Buffalo Soldiers, however, were commanded by white soldiers only and many of these white soldiers requested a bonus to work with Blacks. Custer even turned
down a commission with the Buffalo Soldiers. It would take more than amendments to the constitution to bring about integration in both the North and the South.

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